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Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
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ULTRASONIC LEVEL TRANSMITTERS manufacturer, exporter and supplier
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter consists of a sensor and a separate wall Mounted Programmable display unit. Sensor can be fitted on top of the tank and display can be mounted in safe area. Sensor can be provided with threaded/Flanged connection as per customer’s requirement.

The instrument is economical, easy to install, user friendly and offers excellent non contact method to measure Level of Liquids in applications like storage tanks or where physical contact with liquid is not advisable. Transmitter has a local LCD display and a user-friendly compact programmer modulated for range calibration, relay set up, display of parameters by push buttons. Transmitter is equipped with temperature compensation through out the measuring range and gives 4 – 20 mA current output and optional relay outputs. With reliant performance, intellectual signal treatment technology, efficient ultrasonic wavelength, LCD display, high accuracy, and easy programming this version is all packed for excellent performance.
It functions on the principle of measuring Liquid Level by ultrasonic waves. Transmitter generates and launches a continuous band of powerful ultrasonic waves aimed towards the surface of liquid. These ultrasonic waves of certain wavelength hit the liquid surface and get reflected back towards the transmitter’s receiver sensor. Reflected signals are received by trans-receiver of the sensor, which processes them to interpret the liquid level on the basis of generation, reflection and time receiving of ultrasonic waves.
  • Protected against excessive voltage and current.
  • Fully Temperature Compensated.
  • LCD Display is easy to calibrate and observe.
  • Intellectual Signal Treatment Technology.
  • 4 – 20 mA current isolated output.
  • Dual Relay output for having Alarms at High and Low Level.
  • Construction meets all operating conditions.
  • Easy range and calibration programming.
  • Strong Wavelength generator and trans receiver
Type Split Version Level Transmitter
Measuring Range 4 / 6 / 8 / 20 / 30 Meters
Output 4 – 20 mA
Display Separate Wall Mounted LCD display Cum Programmer unit
Programming Full programming and easy range calibration by push buttons
Process Temperature -20 to 50 Deg C
Process Pressure 3 Bar
Protection IP 65
Frequency 43 KHz
Power Supply 230 VAC
Sensor Connection Top Mounted – Threaded/Flanged connection
Model Selection
Relay Power Supply Range in Meters Version
1R-1 SPST,1Amp
2R-2 SPST,1Amp
A- 230 V A C 4/ 6/ 8/ 12/ 20/ 30 S- Split Type
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