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Vibrating Fork Level Switches
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VIBRATING FORK LEVEL SWITCHE work on vibration damping principal and are used for material with low densities where rotary paddle switches can not be used. The vibrations also provide self cleaning action, so these level switches can easily be used for materials that stick to probe and tank wall. The electronically stimulated fork vibrates at it’s mechanically resonance frequency of 125 Hz when the fork is free of the service material. The resonance is caused by the piezoelectric crystals. One of the Piezo crystals produces a small voltage which is transmitted to the switching amplifier. If the fork is covered by the bulk material, a damping effect is produced and the Piezo crystal does not produce the voltage and the amplifier will be switched on and a corresponding signal output is actuated. Small depositions on the container wall do not affect the operation of our switch.

The switches are supplied with integral electronics and are available in lengths from 250 to 3000 mm. The Vibrating Fork Level Switches are extensively used in building, cement, food dairy, plastic, timber, chemical and mining industries. The operating temperature for standard model is 150 Deg C and can be custom made to suit temperature up to 200 DegC.

These switches are supplied with heavy duty SS316 forks and can be successfully used for most applications like - bins and hoppers requiring minimum and maximum level detection of solids, powders, granules, pellets, flakes, etc. These are not affected by incoming material. They are highly sensitive, reliable, easy to install, require no calibration, economical and suitable for highly dusty environment. The vibrating fork level switches are extensively used in building, cement, food, dairy, plastic, timber, chemical and mining industries.
Vibrating Fork Level Switch Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier
Vibrating Fork Level Switch is the Main Product of VEKSLER INSTRUMENTS. VEKSLER INSTRUMENTS is pleased to introduce themselves as the most Preferred Manufacturer and Supplier of Vibrating Fork Level Switch in India. We are also a one of the leading exporters of Vibrating Fork Level Switch from India. Our Vibrating Fork Level Switch is easy to use and cost effective. Our product range is Vibrating Fork Level Switch and Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch.
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